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Our artists and creators are highly trained and experienced in their fields of expertise.  They are well rounded and work to create with a global citizen mindset. They are sensitive to the creative process while maintaining and executing high quality and professionally polished pieces of living sound art.


AntGul: A prolific and one of a kind artist with an extreme level of skill as a creator, master/mixer, sound editor and filmmaker. He has over twenty years experience in the entertainment industry. Hailing from Italy with an impressive resume of credentials in music and film; his ingenious creative process and style are unmistakable and truly signature. He works to create musical and visual experiences for his clients, artists and audiences world-wide, that leave a powerful and lasting impact.

Jehnean Washington: Singer/songwriter, mezzo soprano with a wide range of vocal skills and sounds. She is also a gifted voice over artist, storyteller and actress with over 30 years  experience in the entertainment industry.  Her musical creations, vocal styling and expression sends her audiences on a musical journey that is awakening, enlightening and moving on levels unimaginable until experienced. She sings opera and many different styles of music and specializes also in tribal music from her Indigenous American ancestry.


Aaron Gutierrez: Is an extremely talented  violinist. He has traveled internationally playing many prestigious venues. He has a unique sound and style in expression on his instrument. His passion and fire in playing music moves audiences to new levels of listening.

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